E-Escrow File (EEF)
FPS SUMMIT Escrow Software provides a full solutions package for the Escrow, Mortgage Companies and Real Estate firms engaged in real estate closings.
The FPS SUMMIT System features a complete Electronic Escrow and Closing Solution with fully integrated Trust Accounting and core integrated systems including:
  • Positive Pay
  • Order Tracking
Utilizing a Master Utility that enables customers to add or modify their documents using MS Word® software, SUMMIT Escrow Software accommodates your company’s existing escrow processing system. Because it has the best Trust Accounting Program in the industry, the FPS SUMMIT System is the most user-friendly electronic escrow software program available today.
E-Escrow File Unique Features Include:
  • Electronic Escrow File
  • Ability to Upload Emails & Scanned Documents to Your File
  • Electronic Document Storage System
  • extensive Look-up Tables
  • Master Escrows
  • Package Printing
For further information or to schedule a live demonstration of FPS SUMMIT, contact Sales or call 714-953-8681.
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