SUMMIT Escrow System
FPS SUMMIT - Integrated Electronic Document Storage with TrackMyDocuments
The FPS SUMMIT System features a complete Electronic Escrow and Closing Solution with fully integrated Trust Accounting and core integrated systems including:
  • Positve Pay
  • Order Tracking
Utilizing a Master Utility that enables customers to add or modify their documents using MS Word® software, SUMMIT Escrow Software accommodates all existing escrow processing system. Because it has the best Trust Accounting Program in the industry, the FPS SUMMIT System is the most user-friendly escrow software program available today with unique features including:
  • Electronic Escrow File
  • Electronic Document Storage System
  • Extensive Look-up Tables
  • Master Escrows
  • Package Printing
Secure - Easy to Use - Saves Time and Money
Powered by TrackMyDocuments (TMD), our integrated Electronic Escrow File the Electronic Document Storage system referred to as FPS SUMMIT allows users to store all of their escrow documents securely online which saves time and added work required to store bulky hard file copies.
“Imagine a secure filing cabinet floating on a cloud that stores mountains of paper files effortless. Using E-Escrow File and E-Document Storage System, you can transform your paper files into electronic files right from your desk.”
Using integrated systems, minimal scanning is required. Users never need to spend time scanning an entire file - SUMMIT automatically does that. Scan only the signed and delivered documents into SUMMIT’s edited document list. Adding emails is a simple drag-and-drop process using Outlook messages directly into SUMMIT. It is all about saving you time.
Efficiency Matters:
SUMMIT allows users to automatically send all of their electronic SUMMIT files, including Trust Transactions, to the Document Storage system. With its built-in intelligence, SUMMIT alerts users which files are ready for storage based on the criteria defined by the client. When user’s closed files are ready for storage, the upload process runs in the background programming, enabling user files to seamlessly upload while they continue to work on escrows. This eliminates frustrating wait time for document uploading. Print, email or download documents from the electronic document storage system at any time. Now, find any document in the secure, organized e-Filing cabinet within seconds.
Benefits of using the E-Filing Cabinet:
  • Reduces expensive file storage costs for your company
  • Easy Set Up
  • Easy file storage management
  • Instant access to your escrow documents
  • Automatic file storage scheduling
  • Minimal scanning necessary
  • Affordable: No Capital expenditure: as a monthly subscription, it's an operational expense
  • No Hardware to Purchase
  • No Waiting Time: You will be up and running instantly
  • No Expensive Storage Servers to purchase
  • No additional IT staff required
For further information, and a live demonstration of FPS SUMMIT and its electronic solutions, contact Sales or call (714) 953-8681.
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