1099-S Processing
1099-S - Serving Escrow Companies, Settlement Agents, and Closers
Designed for Escrow Companies, Settlement Agents, and Closers, our 1099-S Processing feature within FPS Summit offers the convenience and filing accessibility you want with you having full control of your filings at all times.
Our electronic retrieval and IRS filing insures timely submission. It is significant to any organization, as the law requires the 1099-S.
We provide personal training, within Summit, on how to enter your filing information. You will never be left alone with FPS Summit as our support team is always a phone call or click away to give you excellent one-on-one support.
IRS penalties can add up quickly if you do not submit timely and accurate filings. FPS Summit provides the only tool you need to be in compliance.
detailed Form 1099-S instructions Click here.
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