Trust Account Reconciliation

FPS offers a complete line of software solutions for the Escrow, Mortgage Company and Real Estate firms engaged in real estate closings.

Our FPS SUMMIT System features a fully integrated Trust Accounting Reconciliation is easy, secure, efficient and makes the monthly reconciliation process worry-free.  

The Integrated Trust Accounting Program Includes:

  • All reports designed in the formats required by DOC and DRE
  • Pre- and post-check registers
  • Overdraft protection

A Deposit Preparation feature is standard with the SUMMIT Program.

Trust Accounting Reports Feature:

  • Daily / Monthly Trail Balance and Escrow Summary Reports
  • Bank Reconciliation Program
  • Positive Pay Program (most major banks)

Management Reports Feature:

  • Income Analysis by Escrow Officer
  • Business Source
  • Escrow Type
  • Fee Forecasting Reports

Custom reports can also be created by the user using Crystal Reports or Access software tools. Our Document product integrates SUMMIT with MS Word and incorporates a “Master Escrows” option for efficient operations used by Tracts/Builders, and major lenders.  

Throughout the escrow production screens, SUMMIT provides comprehensive Lookup Tables that keep users organized at all times. Using an ASCII File feature, users can E-mail documents directly from their desk, and also import New Orders from  

For more information about the SUMMIT Trust Account Reconciliation program, please contact: Dick Lundin at (714) 450-2146 or email Dick Lundin

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FPS SUMMIT Provides (copy)

  • Training Class Schedule
  • E-Document Storage for 5 Years or more
  • Instant External Document Uploads
  • Load and Setup Software (onsite)
  • Superior Escrow Accounting Tools
  • Scan to Escrow Document Upload
  • Data/Email Encryption
  • Customizable Document Templates

FPS SUMMIT Automates

  • Long-term File Storage
  • Edited Documents
  • Record-keeping
  • Drag/Drop emails
  • Drag/Drop Attachments
  • Scan Direct to Open Escrow
  • Desktop icon Driven

FPS SUMMIT Solutions

  • Complete Closing Solution
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Better Record Management
  • The Best Escrow Accounting Solution
  • Reduced Costs
  • Expanded Customer Service - Automatic Weekly Status Reports