FPS SUMMIT Features and Benefits

The Most User Friendly Escrow Production System for All Escrow Professionals

SUMMIT Features: 

  • Integrated Trust Accounting with Real-time Reporting
  • Multiple Office/Environment and Multiple Bank capabilities
  • Single stroke entry
  • 28 look-up tables with easy access for adding/editing entries
  • Buyer/Seller look-up table for repeat clients

Escrow Production:

  • Complete package of documents that can be modified or added
  • Set of standard clauses that can be modified or added
  • Microsoft Word® allows the easy customization of the documents and clauses

Integrated Trust Accounting:

  • Laser checks, check copies and receipts
  • Pre and Post-Check Registers
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Check splitting
  • Edit checks before printing
  • Checks and Receipts instantly posted and reportable
  • Integrated Bank Reconciliation, by you or by FPS (for a fee)

Management Reports:

  • Income Analysis by Officer, Business Source and Type of Escrow
  • Custom Reports may be created using Crystal Reports or MS SQL


  • Positive Pay interface to major banks
  • Unlimited Other Disbursements, Broker/Agent checks and HOA checks
  • Integrated e-mailing of documents in PDF or Word® format
  • Saving Accounts
  • Escrow Assistant Program
  • Integration with the TrackMyFile.com transaction platform
  • RESPA Ready, with easy to complete Page 3 (GFE comparison adaptable for what lenders want without editing directly on the HUD-1)

Escrow Assistant Program:

  • Unlimited Master Task Templates
  • Automatic updating of most tasks from Document Production and turn-around Bar Coding
  • Custom Task Templates for each escrow type
  • Outstanding tasks by Escrow, Escrow Officer, Department or Company
  • Conversation Log   
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Document Tracking / Progress Reports (View, Print, E-mail)

Escrow Assistant:

  • Escrow Assistant always shows up on time and ready to work

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FPS SUMMIT Provides (copy)

  • Training Class Schedule
  • E-Document Storage for 5 Years or more
  • Instant External Document Uploads
  • Load and Setup Software (onsite)
  • Superior Escrow Accounting Tools
  • Scan to Escrow Document Upload
  • Data/Email Encryption
  • Customizable Document Templates

FPS SUMMIT Automates

  • Long-term File Storage
  • Edited Documents
  • Record-keeping
  • Drag/Drop emails
  • Drag/Drop Attachments
  • Scan Direct to Open Escrow
  • Desktop icon Driven

FPS SUMMIT Solutions

  • Complete Closing Solution
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Better Record Management
  • The Best Escrow Accounting Solution
  • Reduced Costs
  • Expanded Customer Service - Automatic Weekly Status Reports