Electronic Document Storage

Powered by FPS SUMMIT’s TrackMyDocuments, Electronic Document Storage has never been easier or faster.  Users simply Pick and Click on their stored files to access documents.  Emails can also be easily stored as documents right out of the Electronic Storage System.

Efficiency Counts

FPS SUMMIT allows users to automatically send all electronic SUMMIT files, including Trust Transactions, to the Document Storage system. With its built-in intelligence, SUMMIT alerts users which files are ready for storage based on pre-defined user criteria.  

Behind the program, the upload process runs when closed files are ready for storage, and enables them to be seamlessly uploaded while the user continues to work on escrows. This eliminates frustrating wait time for document upload.   

Required scanning time is dramatically reduced using the FPS SUMMIT integrated systems. SUMMIT automatically does most of the work for the user.  Only the signed and delivered documents are scanned and uploaded into SUMMIT’s edited document list. Adding emails is a simple drag-and-drop process, using MS Outlook; messages can be dragged and dropped directly into SUMMIT.

Benefits of Electronic Document Storage:

  • No per-file fee
  • No per-page upload fee
  • Automatic disaster recovery plan
  • Reduce the expensive file storage costs for your entire company
  • Easy set up
  • Instant access to all of your company records and documents
  • Automatically scheduled file storage
  • No hardware purchase required
  • Users are instantly up and running
  • No expensive storage servers to purchase
  • No additional IT staff to hire
  • Affordability: as a monthly subscription companies have no large capital expenditure

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FPS SUMMIT Provides (copy)

  • Training Class Schedule
  • E-Document Storage for 5 Years or more
  • Instant External Document Uploads
  • Load and Setup Software (onsite)
  • Superior Escrow Accounting Tools
  • Scan to Escrow Document Upload
  • Data/Email Encryption
  • Customizable Document Templates

FPS SUMMIT Automates

  • Long-term File Storage
  • Edited Documents
  • Record-keeping
  • Drag/Drop emails
  • Drag/Drop Attachments
  • Scan Direct to Open Escrow
  • Desktop icon Driven

FPS SUMMIT Solutions

  • Complete Closing Solution
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Better Record Management
  • The Best Escrow Accounting Solution
  • Reduced Costs
  • Expanded Customer Service - Automatic Weekly Status Reports